Air Curtains 

ZAIR Air Curtains one of the finest in the Industry because they are manufactured with the heavy duty Ball Bearing type, Dynamically Balanced Aluminium Blowers, Specially designed housing shroud to give you the extra air protection. ZAIR Aircutains are engineered to create an invisible wall that keeps interior environments in and adverse weather out.

Air-Curtains are often used in the doorways of Industrial & Commercial facilities to separate environment and to provide an invisible barrier for the protection against dust, dirt, odors, fumes, insects etc.

ZAIR Air Curtains are designed for zero vibration ZAIR Air Curtain work on the principle of Centrifugal action and have a specially designed vortex housing to generate maximum pressure.



Special Features:

  • Models are available in width from 24" to 108" and for door height up to 30 feet.
  • Low sound level
  • High air velocity with evenly distributed laminar flow.
  • Automatic thermal overload protection safeguards motor from burnout. Minimizes maintenance cost.
  • Statically &dynamically balanced blowers for durability and quite operation.
  • Minimizes air conditioning and refrigeration system overloading.
  • Creates invisible door that is able to deflect wind gust up to 45 kmph and more.
  • Internally mounted motor eliminates need for belt guard and enables the motor to be cooled by the blower wheel.
    Prevents possibility of accidents by providing unobstructed view of passageway.
  • Excellent performance in all climatic conditions.


ZAIR air curtains work by creating a 3 inches air barrier at your entrance that curtains the exchange of interior and exterior environment. The air barrier is created by discharging an air stream through a nozzle at a 20-degree (generally) angle.
This discharge air is generated at a speed adequate to create a barricading force that prevents an exchange of internal and external environment.

Computer optimized Outlets
All ZAIR air curtain outlets are computer optimized to create least amount of turbulence to form most energy efficient and silent air barrier.

Application of Air Curtains

Showrooms Hospitals
Cold Storage Electronic Industries
Pharmaceutical Industries Operation Theatres
Super Markets Restaurants
Banks Warehouses
Walk through Barriers Bowling Alleys
Packing Units Computer Rooms
Cinema & Auditorium Lounges

ZAIR Advantages:

  • No cross contamination.
  • Maintains the interior air conditioning efficiency to save energy.
  • Prevents the entry of dust, harmful insects and fumes from outside.
  • An invisible door to isolate cooling/ heating efficiency of the room from the outside environment
  • Assures dust proof and deodorizing effect.
  • Prevents the entry of flying insects.
  • Available with different types Size.
  • Easy Installation.
  • Available in three speed selection , medium, high, extra high velocity
  • Flame proof motor options is available on custom orders.

Construction :

  • Models available in MS Body (White Color) Powder Coated of 20 SWG & 22 SWG & 22 SWG thickness. The work area is separated from the external environment by the following devices:
  • The Air Curtain Unit is formed by 18 gauge (1.2mm) MS Powder Coated.
  • Compact Powerful motors for smooth starting.
  • Aluminum fabricated statically and dynamically balanced forward curve impellers.
  • Door Opening Closing Sensor.(Optional)

Technical Parameters :

  • Noise Level near Workstation : 65 dBA or less.
  • Vibration Level at Work Surface : + 2-5 micrometer.
  • Blowers (Centrifugal) : Aluminum Impeller, Capacitor Start, Induction Run Non Flame Proof Motor